¨This is a rules page so you know the limits and do's and dont's of behaving.


  • Swearing isn't allowed. If you cuss without censorship, your comment will be edited and you will get a warning. If you continue to do this after you've been warned, you will face a block.
    • The only profanities you can say are hell and damn.


  • If you insult users, you will be a 3 day block. If you continue to do this, you will get an infinite block.

Explicit Content

  • If you have a profile image with explicit content or pornography, you will get an infinite blcok until you change it.
  • If you post sexual content to the wiki, it will earn you a 3-day block.
    • However, if you continue to do this, you will be blocked infinetly.
  • If you post a video with explicit content, profanity or something you think could insult other users, a warning should always be issued.


  • If you are spamming the chat, it's a kick.
    • If you continue, you get a ban based on how severe the spam is.


  • If you make a sockpuppet account after getting blocked, you receive a one-month block, and the sockpuppet receives an infinite block.


  • According to Child's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and laws about child internet safety, you must be 13+ to join Wikia. This wiki is appropriate for all ages, but remember that if you are caught underage by Wikia, you will be globally blocked.
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